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Hereditary Succession

A king is a king, not because he is rich and powerful, not because he is a successful politician, not because he belongs to a particular creed or to a national group. He is King because he is born. And in choosing to leave the selection of their head of state to this most common denominator in the world the accident of birth Canadians implicitly proclaim their faith in human equality, their hope for the triumph of nature over political manoeuvre, over social and financial interest, for the victory of the human person.

Line of succession to the Throne of Canada

The Prince Charles, Prince of Wales
Prince William of Wales
Prince Henry of Wales

The Prince Andrew, Duke of York
Princess Beatrice of York
Princess Eugenie of York

The Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex
James, Viscount Severn
Lady Louise Windsor

The Princess Anne, Princess Royal
Peter Phillips
Savannah Phillips
Zara Phillips

David, Viscount Linley
The Hon Charles Armstrong-Jones
The Hon Margarita Armstrong-Jones

Lady Sarah Chatto
Samuel Chatto
Arthur Chatto

The Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester

(Source: Arthur Bousfield and Garry Toffoli, CRHT)

    Updated: 2011-04-24